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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know it´s safe to submit my credit card number? 

I don´t have a credit card. Can I still make a purchase from you? 

What is a Restock Fee? 

How do you take care of defective items? 

Why do I only have two days to notify you of any problems with my order? 

What happens to my package if I accidentally provided the wrong address for shipping?

During the order process, if you choose to make your payment by credit card, you will enter a secured area of our website. (A key, lock, or chain may appear in your browser´s status bar to show that you are in a secure area). In this secure area, your information will be encrypted. 


Yes, no problem. We also take PayPal as well as checks and money orders. 

All returns are subject to a restocking fee. We have a standard restocking fee of 15% on returns within 30 days. If you wish to return a product but do not place a reorder, the normal restocking fee will be 15% (for items returned within 30 days) but can change if any of the following information applies. If a reorder is placed for a similar product (costing nearly the same amount), the restocking fee can be lowered from 15% to 10%.

Our standard restocking fee on orders received over 30 days can be as low as 25%; however, it may be higher if an extensive amount of time has passed since delivery OR if our return instructions have not been adequately followed.

For a product to be considered a "reorder", it must be for a product that directly replaces the item that's being returned, in both price and type. For example: If a $200.00 sink is returned, the reorder must be for a sink of comparable value. 

Please note that if for some reason the reorder must be returned, the restocking fee for the return of the reorder will be at least 25%. Also, items returned after 30 days are subject to a higher restocking fee or may not be returnable at all. We will let you know our decision when we respond to your request.

Your reorder must be placed prior to your credit being processed. If you wish to reorder right away, reference will be made to your return on your reorder to ensure that you receive the lower restocking fee. If you need to apply your credit to your reorder, you can do so, but we will need to receive the product and/or credit for the product before doing so.


Should we determine that the product is in fact defective (and was returned in accordance to our return instructions and policy), we will not only pay the cost of shipping the new non-defective product to you, but we will also reimburse you for standard delivery rates (not 2nd Day Shipping) that they charge for shipping the defective product back to us. This does not include any 3rd party processing fees imposed by some shipping companies. This offer is only good in the Continental U.S. If you ship the product back to us from outside of the lower 48 states, you will need to pay for the cost of sending the product to us.

If the product is defective, you will receive a replacement. If you choose to return the defective item, rather than replace it, we will charge a restocking fee and your original shipping fee will not be refunded. Also, items returned after 30 days are subject to a higher restocking fee or may not be returnable at all (we will let you know if this applies to your return). The return of the product is at your expense. We believe that this is a fair policy because lower overhead results in lower prices for all of our customers.

If after 30 days of receiving your product, it proves to be defective, we would like for you to deal with the manufacturer. Whatever policy the manufacturer has will determine how you will proceed, and may include shipping costs. We will not pay shipping costs on items that are being handled directly by the manufacturer. We supply products; we do not warranty products and after thirty days we leave it up to the manufacturers.

There may be instances when the manufacturer, once they have been contacted, will ask that we help in the replacement process. If this is the case, we will assist you and the manufacturer with the return process. However, 30 days after receiving your product, it will be necessary for you to contact the manufacturer first.


This is necessary in order to determine the next course of action in regards to how the damaged/defective/incorrect item(s) will be taken care of. In many cases, time is of the essence, and the quicker we are aware of the issue, the better the results. In order to serve you better, we request that you inspect all of your products for obvious defects/blemishes within 2 days of receiving them.


Once an order has been shipped, it will be delivered to the address provided by the customer. Should that address be incorrect or incomplete, the shipping carriers charge a fee for an address change request, or to return it to our warehouse (or to the warehouse it shipped from if direct from the manufacturer). Unfortunately, as this is a cost they will not waive, we must ask our customer to accept responsibility for providing the incorrect or incomplete address, and will ask for payment of the additional charge to redirect or re-ship the order. Typically, the two options are to either: 1) pay for the posted shipping cost for the reshipment; or, 2) credit (less the restocking fee and shipping) will be issued. Should you need the order re-shipped, any charges incurred from the shipper in returning it to us (or the manufacturers warehouse) will also be charged.

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